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La Mata, on the sunny Costa Blanca in Spain, is an excellent place to spend some time, and on this page, questions relating in any way to La Mata or nearby areas can be asked, free of charge. To ask a question about La Mata, just go to the following link: Questions relating to La Mata or any local area to La Mata

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LaMata in winter ?
Q.  "Hi is La Mata an all year round destination. Looking to buy a property in the area and would be spending winters out there. "
Maria, LaMata, Spain.

A.  " It's certainly a lot quieter in the winter, but there are still plenty of bars and restaurants open. The weather is cold in the evenings, but sunny days are really warm. La Mata is a lovely place. Hope this helps."
Roger, Torrevieja , Spain.

Are buses wheelchair friendly ?
Q.  "Hi, does anyone know please if it it possible to use the la Mara/Torrevieja bus with a wheelchair please?"
Julie, Dundalk , Ireland .

A.  " Hi, yes the public transport is wheelchair friendly. :) "
Caz, Torrevieja, Spain.

Caroline ?
Q.  "Do you know where the nearest PCR test is available? Is there somewhere in La Mata? We still need a test when returning to the UK even though we are double vaccinated, just wondered if anyone had any recommendations. Thanks"
Caroline, Cabo Cervera, UK.

A.  "Hi, you will need an antigen test to go back to the UK. They cost around 40 euros and the results are quick. You can get one from the IMED clinic, which is near to the Habaneras centre in Torrevieja. Hope this helps. :) "
Caz, Torrevieja, Spain.

Buying a property ?
Q.  "I m interested in buying a small apartment in La Mata. But dont know what the buying process is? Shona "
Shona, York, United Kingdom.

A.  "Hi Shona, You will need an NIE number and a bank account. I would contact an estate agent in the area, they will be able to help you through the whole process. As a guide, you can usually count on all the taxes, and other expenses, amounting to around 14% of the price of the property. Hope this helps. "
Caz, Orihuela, Spain.

Covid Restrictions-general info, please. ?
Q.  "How is La Mata 'looking' this summer season? We have a home there for 20 years but haven't visited since the outbreak. For those living there permanently, or very recently visited...I am wondering what the current restrictions are? What the current feeling regarding visitors are?...(I guess we wouldn't visit if the feeling was people should avoid it, this year....we want what is best for our 'home from home'). Can we easily visit the beach / eat out / shop at local supermarket and bakeries etc. What shops / restaurants are open / closed? What are the particular beach restrictions? Can I go down in the morning, go for lunch but leaving my kit there & return, later (as we always do). Are the buses still running between Torrevieja & La Mata? Is the market running? Any info would be fab & would really inform our decision to go ... or not, this year. We are mostly adults. Youngest child is 10. "
Eleanor, Dublin & Guildford, Ireland & England.

A.  "La Mata restaurants are mainly open, but with restrictions as to how many people can be in them at any one time, and they're getting busier since the borders opened - always best to book. The beaches are also getting busier now, they are sectioned into areas and it's probably not a good idea to leave all your kit there while you go to lunch if people are queuing for the spaces. Buses are running still, some of them less frequent than usual - the airport bus for instance. The market is on too. Masks are mandatory here now, you have to wear one all the time you are out, whether you can social distance or not. Sunbathing, swimming, sports and respiratory illnesses are exceptions. All restaurants, supermarkets, and other stores, have hand gel to use before you go in. Some supermarkets clean the trolleys too. Murcia, which is just up the road, is considering going back to Phase 2, they had very few cases but, since the borders were opened, they have spiked. It is a very fluid situation, rules are changing all the time - with big fines for not complying. Hope all this is helpful to you. If you decide to come, I hope you have a good holiday. "
Chris, La Mata, Spain.

No Chiringuitos ?
Q.  "Why are there no Chiringuitos on the beach at La Mata this year2020 when La Zenia have them as normal?"
Chris, Torrevieja, Spain.

A.  "It is the local councils that are deciding these things at the moment. La Zenia is under Orihuela Costa and La Mata is under Torrevieja council. They may decide to have the chiringuitos later in the year, no-one knows as yet. "
May, La Mata, Spain.

Retiring to la mata ?
Q.  "Myself and my partner are early retirees (61) and want to move to la mata full time next year. What activities can we get involved in? Neither of us play golf. Thanks "
Alex , Rosslare Harbour, Ireland .

A.  "Hi, there are a few ideas here... Apart from that, there are so many lovely walks along the coastline, with chiringuitos (beach bars) along the way. There is a cinema in Torrevieja that shows the latest films in English. There are lots of restaurants that do Menu del dia, you can get 3 courses for less than 10 euros - including a drink, so it's much cheaper to eat out here. There are reasonably priced coach trips to go on all year round, you can explore a lot of Spain with them. There is petanque, which is a popular game here in Spain, you can join a club. Bowls clubs are popular here too. Snorkelling is something you may get into. There are loads of charities that are always looking for volunteers. Basically, anything that you are into in the UK, you can usually find an equivalent here. Hope this helps."
Rebecca, Torrevieja, Spain.

Cigarette shops in La mata ?
Q.  "Does anyone know if there is a cigarette shop in la Mata and also the weather at the end of march/beginning of April? Many thanks Tina"
Tina, Hedge end, Uk.

A.  " Hi Tina, yes there's a Tabacos in La Mata at Calle Mayor, 20. As for the weather at the end of March into April, it's usually in the mid twenties in the heat of the day, but you can still need a jacket at night time. It's not swimming weather for me until mid May, but the more hardy will be swimming. It can be variable, so It's hard to predict accurately. :) "
Sue, Torrevieja, Spain.

Day of the pig 2020 ?
Q.  "Is the date known yet for Dia Internacional del Cerdo 2020?"
John and Jo , Quesada, Spain.

A.  " It will be on Sunday 26th January and starts at 12 noon. :)"
Carol, Orihuela, Spain.

Travelling via bus ?
Q.  "Hi there, I’m traveling to La Mata soon and I cannot figure out how to arrive there by bus from Alicante Airport, and how much would that cost for the fare approximately?"
Laura, Sligo, Ireland .

A.  " HI. You can catch the airport bus from Alicante Airport to Torrevieja, that will cost 7 euros per person. Then you can cross the road from the bus station and get the 'A' bus to La Mata. That costs around 1.50 per person. If there were four of you, then it may be worth, for convenience, getting a taxi from the airport, which usually costs around 55 euros and will take you to your door. Ask the price before you start the journey. Hope this helps, enjoy your holiday. :) "
Carole, San Luis, Spain.

parking ?
Q.  "Hi there, just quick one, how is it look with on street parking? We basically looking to rent a car just not sure how is it look with leaving it there over night for 15 days. Regards Jacek"
Jacek, LIVERPOOL, United Kingdom.

A.  " Hi Jacek, if you are staying in Torrevieja town, then on street parking is very hard to find at this time of year. Even in the winter months, you may have to drive around to find a space. If you are staying on the outskirts of Torrevieja, then it will be a lot easier. Unless you intend to travel outside the area while you are there, a car isn't really necessary, Torrevieja has everything you need within walking distance - and a decent bus service. Enjoy your holiday. :) "
Jan, Torrevieja, Spain.

Buss from Molino Blanco to Alicante? ?
Q.  "Hi! Are there any busses from På Mata/Molino Blanco to Alicante in june/july?"
Sofie, Torre, Sweden.

A.  "Hi, you can get a bus (the A Route) from Molino Blanco in La Mata to Torrevieja, it runs from around 7:30 am – 11:00 pm, about every 15 to 20 minutes, then you can pick up the Alicante bus from the bus station there. Hope this helps. :)"
Maggie, La Mata, Spain.

Bus line A on a Wednesday ?
Q.  "Hi, since the market moved last year, where does the bus line A run through La Mata (around Avenida de los Europeos) on a Wednesday (market day? Thank you"
Glenys, Solihull, UK.

A.  "Hi, here is the Line A bus route for Monday to Friday, seems to be the same all week. Hope this helps. TORREVIEJA - LA MATA 1.- Hotel Fontana 2.- C/ Fuensanta 3.- Playa del Cura - SORAYA 4.- Playa del Cura - MUEBLES BEATRIZ 5.- Playa de Los Locos - EDIF ELENA 6.- Playa de Los Locos - 222 7.- R. Mar Bella 8.- Los Frutales 9.- Panorama 10.- Gasolinera a Nobel 11.- Hotel Masa 12.- Cabo Cervera I 13.- Cabo Cervera II 14.- Torre del Morro 15.- Magani 16.- Ctra. Torrejon 17.- Ctra. Torrejon 18.- Centro de Salud de la Mata 19.- Avda. De Alemana 20.- Avda. Virgen del Carmen 21.- C/ Del Mar 22- C/ Mayor LA MATA - TORREVIEJA 1- C/ Mayor, 59 2.- Av. de los Daneses (Petanca) 3.- Av. Inglaterra 4.- Av. de Bélgica 5.- Av. de Francia, 2 6.- Ctra. Torrejon 7.- Ctra. Torrejon 8.- Magani 9.- Torre del Morro 10.- Cabo Cervera I 11.- Cabo Cervera II 12.- Hotel Masa 13.- Gasolinera a Mobel 14- Panorama 15.-Los Frutales 16.- R. Mar Bella 17- Playa de Los Locos - EL PALMERAL 18.- Playa de Los Locos - DOMTI 19.- Playa de Los Locos - COLOSO 20.- Avda. Habeneras 21.- Muebles Bahis 22.- Estacion de Autobuses 23.- Avda. Dieo Ramirez – La Gaviota 24.- C/ San Policarpo 25.- Eras de la Sal 26.- Hotel Fontana "
Brian, Torrevieja, Spain.

Motorhome parking in Av. de Soria ?
Q.  "On a revcent visit to La Mata I was disappointed to see that the car park in Av. de Soria has been taken over by morothome users, many of which seem to be there permanently. When was this allowed? Surely such a thing is detrimental to the area? Where do they dispose of their waste?"
STEPHEN, CHESTER, United Kingdom.

A.  " Apparently, motorhomes can park anywhere as long as they are parked correctly within parking bay lines. They become illegal if they are deemed to be camping, which is defined by them having anything such as solar panels or chairs etc., placed outside of the motorhome. It is illegal for them to dump their waste. You can contact the local police if the motorhome owners are breaking the law."
Alice, Orihuela, Spain.

day of the pig ? ?
Q.  "When is the 19th festival of the day of the pig in La Mata ? I have Saturday 19th 2019 on a local calendar but cannot find anywhere to confirm this date ."
Jules, Torrevieja, Spain.

A.  "Hi, the day of the pig is always held on a Sunday. This year, I believe it's on the 27th January. Hope this helps. "
Jan, La Mata, Spain.

Bus to La Mata from Alicante airport ? ?
Q.  "Are there buses from Alicante airport to La Mata please?"
Steve, Milton Keynes, UK.

A.  "There isn't a direct route from the airport to La Mata, but here is a link to the bus options you have. :) "
Mark, Torrevieja, Spain.

Anyone know when the next fiesta in La Mata is ? ?
Q.  "We've heard how great La Mata is, so are planing to be there for the next fiesta there. Anyone know the fiesta dates for La Mata for 2019 please?"
Suzie, Chorley, UK.

A.  "Hi, there's an interesting fiesta held in La Mata on the 21st January. It's called Dia Internacional del Cerdo (International Day of the Pig). You can queue up to get free pork and cook it yourself on the BBQ's provided. It's held in La Mata Square from 12:00 midday until they run out of food, and is usually very busy! "
Carol, La Mata, Spain.

Taxi hire in La Mata?
Q. "Hi, Are there any local taxi firms in La Mata for us to hire a taxi for Alicante Airport?"
Richard, Wakefield, West Yorks, England.

A. "Hi Richard, the best numbers to call for a taxi to take you from La Mata to Alicante airport are: (0034) 965 712 277 or (0034) 966 927 420.  I have used both of these companies for many years and both are totally recommended by me, plus, all drivers working for both will speak enough English to get you to the airport (they will have done exactly the same journey for many English tourists, many, many times!).
Kind regards."
Tony, San Luis, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Any cheap holiday accommodation in Lamata?
Q. "Hi, does anyone know where there is cheap holiday accommodation in lamata and how much for a week please.
John, Derby, Derbyshire, England.

A. "Hello John, not sure what you would term as cheap holiday accommodation in La Mata, and also, it's good to remember, you generally get what you pay for!!  But for myself, it's been dead easy to find good quality, reasonably priced accommodation in La Mata and when we go to La Mata on holiday every year, we just look on this website and click on the link for property rentals on the right hand side of this page and book it from there.
Hope this helps."
Elaine, Dursley, Gloucester, England.

Any chemists in La Mata?
Q. "Will be spending the next winter in one of the long term rentals in La Mata, from January to April, but do need certain types of medication while there. I'll be staying in an apartment in Parquemar 5, so as near as possible to that would be great.
Any help much appreciated."
Jim, Pickering, North Yorkshire, England.

A. "Hi Jim, No problem at all, there's quite a few chemists in La Mata, (in Spanish, the word for chemist is farmacia), there's probably something in the region of 10-20 farmacias in La Mata, but the nearest farmacia to Parquemar 5 would be the one attached to Parquemar 6, in the Centro Comercial Parquemar 6, in Avenida de Belgica, there's another one in Avenida de Francia, both farmacias are within 5-10 minutes walk from Parquemar 5.
A good bonus, is that most of the tablets and other medication you get in Spain, is often cheaper than the ones you get in England!
I do envy you, I love La Mata, but due to work commitments, can only spend a few weeks a year there, roll on retirement !"
Steve, Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Any info on La Mata ?
Q.  "Hi, we are going to La Mata on holiday in July, 2 weeks self catering. Any info on La Mata would be much appreciated as it is our first time on holiday in Spain.
Also, we are hiring a car, so was wondering how much the tolls are on the main routes from airport etc?
Malcolm, Isle of Scalpay, Western Isles, Scotland.

A. "Hi Malcolm, not sure what info on La Mata you're looking for, but La Mata has everything you could need for a holiday in the sunshine. La Mata isn't packed and noisy like some of the larger Spanish villages, where it can also be hard to park and difficult to get a meal in a restaurant without prebooking. Parking in La Mata is easy and you can generally get a good meal at most of the restaurants in La Mata without the need for prebooking. La Mata also has an excellent beach and quite a lot of bars and restaurants.
Not sure which airport you are going from, but if you are going from Alicante airport to La Mata on the motorway, there's no tolls and if you are going from Corvera airport to La Mata by motorway, there's a couple of tolls on it, probably about 7 euros in total.  The N332 from either airport to La Mata is another option, which is the main coastal road and has no tolls at all.
Hope this helps you.  We're sure you'll have a great time on holiday in La Mata, we've been going there every year for about 4 years for family holidays in the spring and autumn and now wouldn't go anywhere else."
Keith, Jill and kids, Aylesbury, Bucks, England.

Any good restaurants in La Mata that offer good children's menus ?
Q.  "We are a family of 4 travelling on holiday to La Mata this year. Can anyone recommend any restaurants that cater for children as my daughter is a very fussy eater and we often struggle to find anywhere that offers a large children's menu other than chips!!!
Any help appreciated."
Emma, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.

A.  "Hi Emma, quite a few of the Lamata restaurants will cater very well for young children. Whenever we go back to lamata on holiday, we usually go to some of the restaurants in Avenida de los Europeos and also some of the restaurants around the main church square by the beach and can always get good meals for the kids, meals like burger and chips, pizzas, kebabs, most 4 year olds would love those types of meals, the Tres Palmeras restaurant in Avenida de los Europeos has always cooked any type of meal we've wanted, even meals that weren't on the menu.
Give these places a try and then after you come back from your holiday, just email back to this noticeboard at to let us all know how you got on."
Susie, Phil and kids, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.

Any supermarkets in La Mata open on Sundays ?
Q. "We'll be staying in one of the holiday apartments in La Mata, at Parquemar 5 next summer, but the arrival in La Mata is on a Sunday afternoon. Does anyone know if there's any supermarkets in La Mata open on Sundays please?"
Kim, Hailstead, Kent, England.

A. "Hello Kim, There's a fairly large supermarket in La Mata called Gama, which is just a few 100 yards south from the Church square, but can't remember seeing it open on Sundays. However, when I stay in one of the holiday rentals in Parquemar 6, (just a few yards from Parquemar 5), I very often use a small supermarket called Dicost Supermercado, in Avenida Holandia. They're definitely open on Sundays, (unless it's a Christmas Day or New Years Day etc), as I've shopped there loads of times on Sundays. They're next door to the excellent El Pozo restaurant, in map reference B3, on the following link, maps for La Mata
Hope this helps.  Have a great holiday !  La Mata's a great place."
Sue, Kendal, Cumbria, England.

Anyone know where Calle Les Piteres in La Mata is please ?
Q.  "Anyone know where Calle Les Piteres in La Mata is please? Thank you."
Jim and Suzanne, Cannock, Staffordshire, England.

A.  "Hello Jim and Suzanne, we've been going to La Mata on holiday every year for about 8 years and have never heard of that road - sorry!  We've even gone through our maps of La Mata and can't find that road anywhere!
It sounds similar, but there is a road called Calle Pitas in La Mata, it's just 3 roads up from the beach at Molino Blanco.
Hope this helps."
Terry and Karen, Wicklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Bar Connecta internet cafe
Q. "Does anyone have the address for Bar Connecta internet cafe in Torrelamata please. It's at the top of the hill, (by Los Leandros) next door to a Chinese restaurant.
Also, is the Hairy Cactus in Torrelamata still functioning?
Many thanks."
Jenny, Mattishall, Norfolk, England.

A. "The address of the internet caf /bar, Bar Connecta, in Torrelamata is Calle Vial de Ronda 1, but the actual front door of the bar is on Carretera de Torrejon. The telephone number is 00 34 966 922 048. I'm not sure about the hairy cactus. There are so many bars in La Mata, that it's hard to remember them all"
John, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, England.

Bars / nightclubs in La Mata
Q. "Next summer, will be my third visit to La Mata, could anybody tell me if there are any discos/nightclubs in La Mata, or do you have to get a taxi out of town, on previous visits I have not noticed any."
Jane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

A. "Hello Jane, not sure if you know, but nightclubs in Spain are 'different' to the nightclubs in the UK. The nightclubs in Spain feature a lot of the ladies of the night!!  On the assumption that you're not looking for this type of 'entertainment', then perhaps you're looking for discos in La Mata.  I've been going to La Mata every spring since 2002 and don't know of any discos in La Mata (discos in Spain are called discotecas), which is really the very reason that I love going to La Mata on holiday, no drunken brawls, etc, but, when we had my nephew and his friend with us last year, they took a 10 minute taxi-ride to Torrevieja, I don't know how many discos in Torrevieja there are, but they were happy with them.
Hope this helps."
Gill, Crewe, Stoke on Trent, England.

Bus's from Alicante to La Mata in the winter ?
Q.  "Hi, I'm travelling to La Mata on 27 December this year. Are there buses from Alicante during the winter?
Thanks a million"
Edel, County. Cork, Ireland.

A.  "Hi Edel, No problem, the bus service runs all year from Alicante town to La Mata.
You'll have a great time on holiday in La Mata - December is a good time to visit La Mata - it's still quite warm. We usually stay in La Mata from about early December to late February - we retired a couple of years ago, so can do as we please with our time now.  It's a great way to get away from the cold, dark and wet winters in the UK !
Tony, Basildon, Essex, England.

A.  "Hi Edel, Once in La Mata, there's a very good bus service to Torrevieja. So no problems getting around and seeing the sights. If you are on an extended stay, you must see The Three Kings procession on the Eve of Epiphany on the 5th of January.
Have a great time."
Margaret, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, England.

Buses from Aquas Nuevas to La Mata
Q.  "Hi there, Does anyone know if buses run from the footbridge at Aquas Nuevas (near to the Lounge Bar) or the Supermercado, to La Mata as we're going out to Aguas Nuevas in May and would like to get to La Mata beach.
Shirley, St Albans, Herts, United Kingdom."

A. "From memory, there is a bus stop on the Auguas Nuevas side of the main road (Normally called the Old Alicante Road), opposite the Mercadona and lounge bar commercial area. The Costa Azul bus service definitely stops there and runs to La Mata.
Have a good holiday."
Anne, Dartford, Kent, England

Bus's from LaMata ?
Q.  "Hello everyone, we'll be going to lamata on holiday in a couple of months and wondered, is it possible to get a bus from lamata to Torrevieja please?
Many thanks for any help."
Kim, Paul and family, Stevenage, Herts, England.

A.  "Hi, There's plenty of bus stops in lamata, but the main bus stop in lamata is on the main church square.  The frequency depends on the time of day and time of year, but there's usually a bus from lamata to Torrevieja every 20-30 minutes.
Hope this helps and hope you have a great holiday in lamata, it's a great beach resort, in fact, it's so good, we've been going to lamata on holiday every year since 2002!"
Michelle, Wayne and kids, Poole, Dorset, England.

Catholic Church in La Mata ?
Q"Can anyone let me know where the nearest catholic church is to la mata please?
We are staying in la mata in July this year."
Carolyn, Stoke on Trent, Staffs, England.

A "Hello Carolyn, the only Church in La Mata, (which is a Catholic one) is the one on the main square, by the beach and just a few 100 yards south from the Wednesday street market.
It's in map reference B4 in the street map for Lamata on the link below :
Street map for La Mata
We've been taking our holidays in Lamata every year for about 8 years, so know it fairly well, (it's a great place for a holiday).
If you need any further directions on it, just email to this page again, the location in Lamata where you will be staying and we'll try to give you directions from there.
Hope this helps."
Tina, Waterlooville, Hants, England.

Christmas dinner in La Mata ?
Q.  "Can anybody please recommend a good restaurant in La Mata for dinner on Christmas day?
Any help appreciated."
Anne and Bob, Wythenshawe, Manchester, England.

A.  "Hi Anne, Are you looking for Spanish food or English? If you are looking for an English Christmas Dinner, not much choice I am afraid. Possibly only one place will be open, in the town, I will check it out when I go out there next week on holiday, and let you know."
Margaret, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, England.

A.  "Hello Anne, A few years ago, it would have been quite difficult to find a restaurant in La Mata that did a dinner on Christmas day, but over the last 3-4 years, we've seen more and more Spanish, English, Chinese and German restaurants open on Christmas day.
If you're looking for a restaurant in La Mata that will be serving a 'typical' Christmas dinner on Christmas Day, then there should still be quite a few that will do that as well. Remember that the Spanish don't celebrate Christmas Day, the same way that English people do - the typical Spanish person celebrates their Christmas day on January the 6th - otherwise known as 3 Kings Day - so you should find that most Spanish restaurants in La Mata will be open on Christmas Day.
There's quite a good selection of different types of English restaurants in La Mata, and quite a few of the English restaurants there, are in Avenida Los Europeos, most of them will probably be open on Christmas day.  More details for some of the restaurants are on the link below:
Restaurants in La Mata.
Hope this helps.
Tony and Julie, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

Festival of Vendimia in La Mata ?
Q.  "Hello (Hola), Could someone please tell me about the above festival, i.e. when it takes place and what it entails?
Malcolm, Alvaston, Derby, England.

A.  "Hi Malcolm, Are you sure about the spelling ?  I think I've heard of a Verbena festival (for wine I think), but not sure.
Martin, Rochester, Kent, England.

Fiestas in La Mata ?
Q.  "Anyone know if there's any fiestas in La Mata in October please ? We'll be on holiday in Lamata in October.
Any help appreciated."
Sue, Jim and Kids, Horsham, Sussex, England.

A.  "Hi Sue, Jim and Kids!  Different events occur during the year and usually in the main Church square in La Mata.
Best to look at the Fiestas page on this website for future events, bearing in mind that generally, no-one knows anything officially about the fiestas in LaMata until a few weeks before!
Have a great Fiesta.
Hope this helps.
Margaret, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, England.

Is La Mata wheelchair friendly ?
Q. "Can anyone please let me know if La Mata is a good place to take someone in a wheel chair please ? My other half is in a wheelchair for most of the day, so need to take a holiday in the sunshine, somewhere that is "wheelchair friendly".
Any help much appreciated.
Kind regards."
Ken, Werrington, Stoke, England.

A. "Hello Ken, my husband is in a wheelchair nearly all of the day, so it was important for us to find wheel-chair friendly holiday locations, and thankfully, we found La Mata a few years ago and have been staying in the same holiday apartment in La Mata ever since, BUT, you do have to be very careful which part of La Mata you go to, as some of La Mata is very hilly, (for example, Los Leandros), but if you stay within 15 minutes walk of the main La Mata church square, just by Avenida de la Sol, you'll be just fine, in fact, if you stay in any of these map references on the map for La Mata, on the link below, these are all of the flat parts of La Mata, A5, B2, B3, B4, B5, C2 and C3 :
Maps for La Mata.
Have a great holiday, we love La Mata, it's such a  great place for a holiday in the sun."
Alison, Mansfield, Nottingham, England.

Jeffs Bar in La Mata ?
Q. "Hi, I was in La Mata about 4 years ago and accidently found a small bar called Jeffs, I think? (the gentleman running it was certainly called Jeff), the bar was tiny and had a lot of Tottenham Hotspur regalia.
I was briefly back in La Mata last year but couldn't find it. I looked on the "Bars in La Mata" page and it's not mentioned either.
Does anyone have any information? I will be back again in December and would dearly like to find it.
Any help appreciated."
Audrey, Ilford, Essex, England.

A. "Audrey, Jeff's Bar is now called The Hideaway Bar. It's under a block of apartments behind the London Bar between Avenida Francia and Avenida Inglaterra. Find the London Bar and follow the path to the side of it and you will come to the Hideaway bar. Jeff is no longer at the bar, it has new owners (Colin and Phil) and has been refurbished. It's still very popular and a great bar."
Mike, Nazeing, Essex, England.

Language problem in La Mata, on the Costa Blanca ?
Q.  "My family and I are going to visit La Mata on holiday next year, but I am a little worried because we are renting a villa and last year we rented a villa in France and the French were, lets say less than willing to appreciate we knew not a lot of the French language so we struggled all week to communicate which ruined our holiday. People have told me its because I hired a villa and if I had gone to a main hotel in a resort I would have been fine. I am now worried about the language barrier in Spain as we are hiring a villa again. Do you think this will be as much of a problem in La Mata?
Amanda, Welling, Kent, England.

A.  "Hello Amanda, you will have absolutely no problem with the language when you go to La Mata on holiday. The Spanish people in the area will generally speak English and will look on approvingly if you try to speak Spanish.
I'll be going back to La Mata on holiday again, later in the year - La Mata is one of my favourite places in Spain. I usually go there for about 6 weeks at a time early November.
Hope this helps."
Sue, Tonbridge, Kent, England.

A.  "Hi Amanda, as Sue said, you should be o.k. in La Mata, as more and more people speak English in the shops and bars these days. The Spaniards are always pleased if you try a few words and phrases, and you feel so good and pleased when they understand you!
My tip is to have a look at the list of words you see on this site, on the Spanish Language page, just click on the following link for the page Spanish translations. Or learn just one or two important phrases you feel you may need, for example:

Hello = Hola

Do you speak English = Habla ingles

How much is it = Cuanto es

Coffee (with milk) = Cafe (con leche)

Wine please, one white, one red = Vino por favor. uno blanco, uno tinto

A beer = Una Cerveza

The bill please = La cuenta, por favor

Thank you = Gracias

Where are the toilets = Donde estan los servicios

I hope these help.
Best of luck and enjoy your holiday in La Mata."
Margaret, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, England.

Launderettes in La Mata ?
Q.  "Anyone know if there are any launderettes in La Mata, if not, where is the nearest.
Thank you"
Michael, Stockport, Cheshire, England.

A.  "Good question Michael - we've been going to La Mata on holiday every year for about 6 years and although La Mata has everything else for the holidaymaker, I must say that we've never seen any launderettes in La Mata. Most of the property rentals in La Mata that we've stayed in have all had washing machines - have you checked with the rentals company in La Mata to see if there's a washing machine in the property?
Anyway, have a good holiday.
Kind regards."
Keith and Tina, Thetford, Norfolk, England.

October holiday in La Mata ?
Q.  Hi ya all, Help!! I'm going to la Mata mid October for a holiday for a few weeks and not sure what to pack - boots or flip flops...bikini or jumper .. smart or casual??
Can anyone give me an idea of what the weather will be like, as I've been on to some websites and the temp varies from 16 to 25.
Many thanks,"
Joanna, Ashford, Kent, England.

A.  "Hi Joanna, we usually stay for a long let in La Mata from about the end of October until mid-December and have done this every for the last 3 years.  It's not exact, but usually, whatever the weather in the UK is like, you can usually expect it to be 10 degrees warmer on the Costa Blanca.
It's still warm enough in October during the day, 12 mid-day to about 3pm for some sunbathing and swimming in the med.
The weather in November for La Mata can get slightly chilly first thing in the morning and very late at night, but the weather in La Mata in October is very near perfect!
I've always found the weather temperatures on the following link to be quite accurate - Weather In La Mata
Have an excellent holiday in La Mata."
Dave and Sue, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England.

A.  "Hi Joanna, that link above, given by Dave and Sue is a good one, which I use as well, but also, in case you didn't notice, if you would like to see a 10 day forecast showing the weather in La Mata, which I've always found quite accurate - just click on the following link Weather in La Mata.
hope this helps."
Jayne, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England.

Property prices in La Mata ?
Q. "Please could you help with how the prices of properties are achieved, I'm looking for 2 bed apartments in lamata near the beach, I find it all confusing, I want a 2 bed apartment in La Mata, with terrace, top floor private roof terrace, not too many apartments, near to beach, pool if possible."
John, Southampton, Hampshire, England.

A. "John, don't know know how long you've been looking for properties for sale in La Mata, but in 2008, I was looking as well, but got confused when trying to do it on my own, so I checked on the property for sale link on this site, then got in touch with the agents listed, I had my ideal property in La Mata within 2 months. The property agents were very good and took care of all of the paperwork.
Some people keep setting themselves up for disappointment, by persistently searching for the 'property bargain' that they keep hearing about in the papers or on the TV, but doesn't actually exist!!  Be realistic in what you're searching and the price you're willing to buy at and you'll be successful at finding a great property in La Mata.
Good luck - you've chosen a great place - La Mata is still very Spanish."
Steve, Preston, Lancashire, England.

Public swimming pools in la Mata ?
Q.  "Can anybody tell me if there's any apartments or hotels in Lamata with swimming pools open to the public in May?
My son and his family are going to La Mata on holiday then, however, the apartment swimming pool where they are staying will be closed then, it only opens from June to September!!!!!
Can anyone advise where there may be a pool they will be able to take their children to?
Many thanks."
Anne and Bob, Wythenshawe, Manchester, England.

A.  "Hello Anne and Bob, When we first started having holidays in Lamata back in 2001, we found that when we went over there, in April, May, or October, it was warm enough most days for a swim, but found that, like you, the swimming pools were only open from June to September!!!  However, in 2003, very good friends of ours that had good experiences of Lamata explained that if you book holiday apartments in Parque Mar 5 or Parque Mar 6,  you can be guaranteed that the swimming pools will be open, as they're open all year-round. So, we now spend our spring and autumn holidays in Lamata at Parque Mar 5 or Parque Mar 6.
We love Lamata, it's an excellent place for a holiday, and if you haven't done so already, check out the bars and restaurants in and around the main Church square or the bars and restaurants in Avenida de los Europeos (if you have a problem finding Avenida de los Europeos on a map, it's one of the only roads that goes straight through Lamata, straight from the coastal road, which is the N332, straight to the beach) - there's an excellent choice in both of these areas.
Good luck and perhaps you can let us know how you get on with it.
Kathy and Jim, Otley, West Yorkshire, England.

Things to do in La Mata ?
Q.  "On the "things to do in La Mata" page, horse riding in La Mata is mentioned. Does anyone know where this takes place and how to find more information please ?"
Bev, Roxton, Bedfordshire, England.

A.  "Hello Bev, I went to the horse riding place just by the salt lakes at La Mata last year and it was quite good. I've not experienced a lot of horse riding on the Costa Blanca so have nothing there to compare it with, but it was a good days activities for my teenage daughter and myself.
It's called El Refugio (in English it's "The Refuge") and you can usually contact them on +34 96 672 5672.
Hope it all works out good for you there. Perhaps you can email back to this page after you've been, to give more information about it ?"
Julie and Amy, Hastings, East Susses, England.

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