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La Mata, on the sunshine east coast of Spain - The Costa Blanca

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Male and female words in the list below are indicated by (m.) for male and (f.) for female.

i.e.: The Spanish word for telephone is teléfono, see the below list. This has an (m.) after it and so this indicates that the word teléfono is male.
To say a telephone you would put 'un' in front of teléfono ('un' means 'a' for male words): 'un teléfono'.
To say 'the telephone' you need to put 'el' in front of 'teléfono'('el' means 'the' for male words): 'el teléfono'.

For female words, indicated by (f.), you would use the same principle as above, but use 'una' for 'a' and 'la' for 'the'. i.e.: Look at the list below for the word for 'lamp'. The word is 'lámpara'. This word is female (f.). So, 'a lamp' would be 'una lámpara', and 'the lamp' would be 'la lámpara'.

Household objects - Objetos caseros
Bed - Cama (f.)
Bookcase - Librero (m.)
Chair - Silla (f.)
Doorbell - Timbre (m.)
Door - Puerta (f.)
Hairbrush - Cepillo (m.)
Lamp - Lámpara (f.)
Mirror - Espejo (m.)
Sheets - Sábanas (f.)
Soap - Jabón (m.)
Sofa - Sofa (m.)
Table - Mesa (f.)
Telephone - Teléfono (m.)
Television - Televisión (f.)
Toilet paper - Papel de baño (m.)
Toothbrush - Cepillo de dientes (m.)
Towel - Toalla (f.)
Wardrobe - Armario (m.)

Colours - Colores
Black - Negro
Blue - Azul
Green - Verde
Navy blue - Azul marino
Orange - Naranja
Purple - Morado
Red - Rojo
Violet - Violeta
White - Blanco
Yellow - Amarillo

Telling time - Indicando la hora
0:15 (Fifteen) - 0:15 (Quince)
0:30 (Thirty) - 0:30 (Treinta)
0:45 (Forty-five) - 0:45 (Cuarenta y cinco)
Four forty-five in the afternoon - A las cuatro y cuarenta y Cinco de la tarde
Eight o'clock in the morning - A las ocho de la mañana
Ten thirty at night - Diez y media de la noche
At daybreak - En la madrugada (f.)
In the morning - En la mañana (f.)
At night - En la noche (f.)
In the afternoon - En la tarde (f.)
Morning - Mañana (f.)
Midnight - Medianoche (f.)
Noon - Mediodía (m.)
Night - Noche (f.)
Sunset - Puesta del sol (f.)
Afternoon - Tarde (f.)

Clothes - Ropa
Bikini - Bikini (m.)
Bra - Sostén (m.)
Cardigan - Rebeca (f.)
Dress - Vestido (m.)
Jumper - Jersey (m.)
Pants - Calzoncillos (m.)
Shirt - Camisa (f.)
Skirt - Falda (f.)
Trousers - Pantalón (m.)
T-shirt - Camiseta (f.)
Vest - Camiseta (f.)

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